The Lion King at Eccles Theater

The Lion King Tickets

Eccles Theater | Salt Lake City, Utah

Fans of THE LION KING have been long awaiting the return to broadway for fall, 2022, after the massive success of all previous tours. Critics give nothing but world class words, and why wouldn't they? After being named the best production on stage! Tuesday 4th October 2022, put it in the diary, it will be showing at the unbelievable Eccles Theater, Salt Lake City, Utah, perfect for a world class show. Make October a month to remember, book your tickets today! Before you miss your chance, click the link above to purchase now!

The Lion King, the award-winning Best Musical, playing at Eccles Theater in Salt Lake City on Tuesday 4th October 2022. Since opening on Broadway in November 1997, THE LION KING has become the most successful musical in history. Or, to place it in a broader context, more than the combined global revenues of the six most popular Harry Potter films. One of the most spectacular productions ever brought to life on stage. Newsweek called it “The most exciting, most inventive, most moving theatre that has ever come to Broadway.” Reflecting both worlds of western pop and African rhythm, there are 6 indigenous African languages sung and spoken throughout the show: Swahili, Zulu, Xhosa, Sotho, Tswana, Congolese. All combined with extraordinary dances, spectacular costumes, the giraffe stands at a staggering eighteen feet high! The story of The Lion King is a powerful folk tale, a simple prince loses his kingdom to his usurper uncle, and then must go on a hazardous journey to discover the power inside himself in order to regain his rightful kingdom. The Lion King is a story of love and redemption that nobody should miss. Buy your tickets right now for an spectacular night to remember forever!

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