The main Delta Performance Hall has a capacity for up to 2,468 people, while the sister theater, the Regent Street Black Box, seats between 150 and 250. The Delta Performance hall features seating over 4 floors; the Orchestra, The Grand Tier, the Mezzanine, and the Balcony. The incredible interior architecture of the hall ensures that every seat provides an excellent view, with superior acoustics enabling sound to travel both across the orchestral floor and up to the very back of the Balcony!

George S and Dolores Dore Eccles Theater seating chart

Seat numbering is intuitive and making your way to your seats, reserved online, should not be of any difficulty. Friendly and efficient steward staff will be on hand to provide any assistance you may need.

Whether you choose to sit close to the stage to immerse yourself in the stage and orchestra, or to see everything from above from one of the higher floors, you’re guaranteed an amazing experience at the Eccles Theater. Book as early as possible for maximum choice of seating!