A two-year project starting in 2014, the Eccles Theatre is the product of the genius architect Cesar Pelli! With the venue’s eventual use and purpose in the community, as much as its role as a performance arts center, in mind from the project’s conception, the core values of Salt Lake City were the guiding force behind the theatre’s construction.

Completed in 2016, the theatre is now a proud feature of Salt Lake City’s Main Street. With a lobby six stories high, and innovative retractible glass walls and a fantastic outdoor plaza, the theatre is an unmissable sight! Encore, a bistro operated by Cuisine Unlimited, will add that extra touch to really make your experience at the the Eccles Theater.

The main Delta Performance Hall takes care of large-scale productions including touring concerts and performances, whilst the Regent Street Black Box is host to community events and local performances!

Eccles Theater