Kurt Bestor Christmas at Eccles Theater

Kurt Bestor Christmas Tickets

Eccles Theater | Salt Lake City, Utah

The longest running Holiday show in the state! Come and enjoy a Kurt Bestor Christmas at Eccles Theater on Friday, December 16th 2022 for its 35th year! Beginning way back in 1988, Kurt performed his first Christmas show to a sold-out 2500 seat performance and a Holiday Tradition was born, now, with as many as 45 other musicians on stage, some of them Grammy and Emmy award-winning performers in their own right, Bestor’s concerts are major productions. So, grab some tickets and come on down to Salt Lake City for the ultimate Holiday cheer!

Kurt Bestor Christmas at Eccles Theater

Kurt Bestor is an outstanding and multi-talented keyboardist, composer specializing in new-age, film scores, and is known for his instrumental Christmas arrangements. Against the advice of record producers in 1988, the release of his first album, An Airus Christmas Volume 1, became a career success and the subsequent sell out performance, helped seal his reputation as a highly accomplished and sought after seasonal Holiday season performer.

Early in his childhood, his mother encouraged him to improvise on his piano music using his imagination. This led to his fascination with the relationship between music and visual imagery. Kurt and his colleague, Sam Cardon were hired to composed and produce a large library of commercial jingles. This provided Kurt with his first opportunity to create and arrange a large amount of music on a deadline. This library became invaluable and would help him greatly as he pursued his later film scoring career.

More notoriety came his way in 2002 with his co-writing and collaborating with Sam Cardon on the original music for ABC's coverage of the closing ceremony of the 1988 Winter Olympics. For this composition, they were awarded an Emmy Award. Kurt Bestor still performs his "Kurt Bestor Christmas" Concerts, and to date millions of people have attended and heard his season performances.

Kurt Bestor Christmas at Eccles Theater

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