Hamilton at Eccles Theater

Hamilton Tickets

Eccles Theater | Salt Lake City, Utah

Hamilton is iconic in the theatrical world! You've seen it all over the internet, now you can view this from the comfort of a seat with a great view and tasty snacks on your lap in the winter of 2022! What a perfect night you'll have in January! Hosted by Eccles Theater, Salt Lake City, Utah, 'the unrivalled venue in town' say many visitors, and they're right according to outstanding reviews! Tuesday 11th January 2022 you need to cancel anything you have on because word has it you'll be at Hamilton! To gain access to this huge event, click the booking link now! You'll be singing the hits for days afterwards!

Whats in store for winter, 2022 we hear you say? One of the supreme musicals on offer is, thats right, Hamilton will be coming to town to begin this years tour of the states! Its THAT exciting, it seems EVERYBODY is talking about it! We can all agree this simply the most spectacular musical to see this year! Suitable for the littles, bring the whole fam! This time around Hamilton will be playing at Eccles Theater, Salt Lake City, Utah. A wonderful theatre with so many perks and fans love to come here for the easy links to the centre, easily the best choice! Tuesday 11th January 2022 is the big night! To get entry to this ground breaking musical, book your tickets via the 'get tickets' link, it'll be well worth it!

Hamilton at Eccles Theater

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