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The Lion King Tickets

The most spectacular Broadway musical, The Lion King, goes on tour this 2022, and it’s coming to Salt Lake City, Utah, this fall! From September 29 to October 23, the award-winning production of The Lion King will conquer the Eccles Theater! Experience the wonderful world of the savannah and its inhabitants as The Lion King, the musical, brings the beloved story to the stage! Based on the 1994 Walt Disney Animation feature film, The Lion King, the musical is renowned for its outstanding music, breathtaking set design, and costumes. The musical retells the story of a young lion cub Simba who ran away from home after the death of his father, Mufasa, who was the king of the pride lands. After years of self-exile, Simba now has to choose between a carefree life with his new friends or returning to his home to fulfill his destiny. The musical is supported by an award-winning creative team and a stellar cast. Moreover, Broadway musical enthusiasts have traveled from all over the world to New York just to see this groundbreaking production! If you’ve been aching to see The Lion King musical, this is your opportunity to see the award-winning show at the Eccles Theater this September and October! Hurry and grab your tickets now!

The Lion King begins with the birth of Simba, the prince of the pride lands. All the kingdom’s animals gathered together to pride rock for a glimpse of the newborn lion cub. After some time, Simba grew into a lively young cub who loved going on adventures. He also didn’t always listen to his babysitter, Zazu. The story heavily focuses on the heartwarming bond between father and son. King Mufasa teaches his son Simba the way of the pride lands. He also tells the cub about his upcoming duties and destiny as the future king.

Meanwhile, Mufasa’s evil brother Scar is brewing a plan to murder the king and take over the kingdom for himself. Scar raised an army of hyenas, considered outcasts from the realm due to their rabid and undisciplined nature. Scar lures the king to the gorge, telling him that Simba is trapped there. As the king tries to save Simba, the hyenas jumpstart a stampede. Mufasa was able to save Simba at the cost of his own life. A heartbroken Simba mourns his father’s death while Scar, who approaches the innocent lion cub, blames him for the incident and tells him to run away. Simba, convinced that Mufasa’s death was his fault, runs away into the desert. How will Simba, a young, innocent cub, survive the world without his family? Will he come back? And what happens to the kingdom now that Mufasa and Simba are gone?

ion King the Musical Tickets

The Lion King is a 1994 animated film that enjoyed incredible commercial success. The film had an initial gross of over $763 million and was recorded as the second highest-grossing animated film of all time until 2003. After the showing, the film released The Lion King’s home video, selling over 55 million copies worldwide. Moreover, the film won the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy and two Academy Awards. The Lion King’s incredible success has led to several adaptations, including books, cartoons, sequels, spin-offs, and more. In 1997, the movie was adapted into a musical by Disney Theatrical Productions. The musical had a trial run in Minneapolis and later opened on Broadway in October 1997. Directed by Tony Award-winning director Julie Taymor, the musical is based on the book by Roger Allers and Irene Mecchi. The Lion King’s music was composed by award-winning singer-songwriter Elton John and Grammy and Tony-award-winning lyricist Tim Rice. The Lion King has been recorded as Broadway’s third longest-running musical and has been viewed by over 100 million people worldwide. In 1998, the musical won eight Drama Desk Awards and five Tony Awards, including Best Direction of a Musical, Best Choreography, and Best Scenic Design. The production has also traveled across the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, the United Kingdom, Germany, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

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“Awe-inspiring! Broadway theater is alive again. [Julie] Taymor’s imaginative ideas seem limitless. it’s a gorgeous, gasp-inducing spectacle. Most important – against all odds – it has innocence. The show appeals to our primal, childlike excitement in the power of theater to make us see things afresh.” – Richard Zoglin from Time Magazine.

“A jaw-dropping magnificent spectacle. The show and the playhouse are enchanting. The unprecedented production is worth every penny. If this is Disney’s idea of a theme park, we are delighted to report that the theme is quality.” – Linda Winer from Newsday.

The commercially-successful musical garnered rave reviews from fans and critics. Many viewers praised the production’s marvelous set design, exquisite and fantastic costumes, and amazing music. Newsweek referred to the musical as “the most exciting, most inventive, most moving theater that has ever come to Broadway.” New York Daily News added that The Lion King’s production was “a perfect marriage of entertainment and art.” Meanwhile, Richard Zoglin from Time Magazine couldn’t hold back his delight in writing about the show. “Awe-inspiring! Broadway theater is alive again. Taymor’s imaginative ideas seem limitless. It’s a gorgeous, gasp-inducing spectacle. Most important – against all odds – it has innocence.”

Meanwhile, Greg Evans from Variety gave The Lion King a 10/10 rating in his review. “Julie Taymor’s staging of Disney’s “The Lion King” is a marvel, a theatrical achievement unrivaled in its beauty, brains, and ingenuity.” He added that the musical gave the 1994 story a much-needed artistic appeal. “Leaping far beyond its celluloid inspiration, the stage version improves upon nearly every aspect of the hit 1994 animated film, from visual artistry.”

“The breathtakingly staged Broadway adaptation of Disney’s king of the cartoon jungle is an instant theater classic.” – Chris Willman from Entertainment Weekly.

“Seen purely as a visual tapestry, there is simply nothing else like it. Suddenly, you’re 4 years old again, and you’ve been taken to the circus for the first time.” – Ben Brantley from The New York Times

This 2022, The Lion King Musical Tour will travel to more than ten cities in the United States. The touring cast comprises Spencer Plachy as Scar, Gerald Ramsey as Mufasa, Gugwana Dlamini as Rafiki, and Darian Sanders as Simba. The cast will perform the original choreography by Garth Fagan. Moreover, the scenic design remains loyal to the original set by Richard Hudson, and Donald Holder remains the team’s lighting designer. The Lion King will open at the Eccles Theater on September 29 and hold its last show on October 23. The musical will have a total of 31 shows with a frequency of one to two shows per day. The Lion King is composed of two acts and spans a runtime of two hours and thirty minutes. Producers recommend the musical for ages six and above.

The Lion King is just one of Eccles Theater’s many top-tier events for 2022. Since 2016, the Eccles Theater has been the prime destination for world-class entertainment in Salt Lake City, Utah. Guests are welcomed by an impressive five-story glass lobby and a spectacular interior adorned with exquisite chandeliers and a remarkable terrazzo floor. The venue is also equipped with 2,500 plush seats and a state-of-the-art audio and visual system, providing guests with the optimal entertainment experience. Situated in the heart of the city at South Main Street, the Eccles Theater sits in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Salt Lake City, such as several restaurants and retail establishments.

The Lion King has one of the most beloved timeless stories of all time. Simba’s challenging journey teaches the audience about love, courage, responsibility, and true triumph. The musical has been revered as one of the most aesthetically pleasing shows of all time. Moreover, the astounding score infused with traditional African elements makes for an exquisite cultural soundscape. The music team comprising Elton John, Lebo M., Macina, and Hanz Zimmer have indeed created a masterpiece. If you haven’t seen The Lion King, this is your chance to experience the award-winning musical at the Eccles Theater! Hurry and secure your tickets now before the shows sell out!