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My Fair Lady at Eccles TheaterIt’s one of the oldest musicals that still can be enjoyed today, and for good reason! My Fair Lady features a captivating story about Eliza Doolittle, a flower girl with a strong Cockney Accent. She takes speech lessons from the illustrious phonetician Professor Henry Higgins in hopes of turning herself into a “lady.” This Tony Award-winning musical won viewers’ hearts when it premiered on Broadway in 1956! Based on the 1938 film of the same name, this groundbreaking epic consistently holds a revival every few years due to public demand! This masterpiece will travel across North America this fall and make a coveted stop in Salt Lake City, Utah! From November 12th to 18th, 2023, My Fair Lady will conquer the iconic  Eccles Theater with eight performances! The two-hour, 55-minute showcase is guaranteed to pull on your heartstrings and make you laugh, cry, and feel a whole range of emotions! Hurry and secure tickets now to see My Fair Lady at the Eccles Theater!

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“It positively glows with class!” – The Stage.

“Better than it ever was!” – New York Times

“Meticulously mounted and entirely welcome!” – Variety

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Eliza Doolittle has a thick Cockney accent that she wants to get rid of. She meets a phonetician, a professor of linguistics, Henry Higgins. Doolittle acquires the professor’s help to transform her into a well-speaking lady. Professor Higgins takes a liking to Eliza despite his little understanding of women and his cynical nature. Eliza becomes part of Higgin’s household. Besides his authoritative style in tutoring, Eliza endures and copes by dreaming of different ways to kill him. When Higgins is about to give up on Eliza, she recites a poem in a perfect “upper-class” accent. To test her abilities, Higgins brings Eliza to attend a racecourse. The race is full of sophisticated people who will be the unwitting judge of Eliza’s new diction. After passing her initial test, Professor Higgins decides to bring Eliza to her final test, the Embassy Ball, which will need weeks of preparation. Will Eliza pass the test? Will she finally be a true lady? Find out by catching My Fair Lady at the Eccles Theater from  November 12th to 18th, 2023!

My Fair Lady, the musical, is a timeless masterpiece featuring music by Frederick Loewe and lyrics and book by Alan Jay Lerner. The show is based on the popular 1938 film of the same name, adapted from the 1913 play Pygmalion. My Fair Lady premiered on Broadway in 1956. The original production included Moss Hart as director and Hanya Holm as the choreographer. The original cast comprised Broadway legends Rex Harrison, Julie Andrews, Stanley Holloway, Robert Coote, Cathleen Nesbitt, and John Michael King. The original production ran for six years, totaling 2,717 performances. At the time, My Fair Lady was the biggest-grossing musical on Broadway, amassing $10 million. 

The Broadway production of My Fair Lady has won numerous awards, including a Theatre World Award and six Tony Awards, including Best Musical. Moss Hart also won Best Direction of a Musical, while scenic designer Oliver Smith, costume designer Cecil Beaton, and conductor Franz Allers also won awards that same night.

Over the years, My Fair Lady had numerous revivals. The musical had a total of four revivals on Broadway, five U.S. tours, four West End productions, and two U.K. Tours. This 2023, the U.S. tour kicks off in November and will drop by 19 cities, including a coveted stop in Salt Lake City, Utah. The tour will extend all the way to the spring of 2024. My Fair Lady’s 2023 production is led by Tony Award-winning director Bartlett Sher, known for his incredible work with The King and I and To Kill a Mockingbird. Meanwhile, the brilliant creative team includes associate director Samantha Saltzman, choreographer Christopher Gattelli, and music supervisor Ted Sperling. Meanwhile, the musical’s visual presentation is the result of the impeccable work of scenic designer Michael Yeargan, set designer Mikiko Suzuki MacAdams, and Tony Award-winning costume designer Catherine Zuber. Meanwhile, the touring production is set to feature a stellar cast, comprising Anette Barrios-Torres as Eliza Doolittle, Jonathan Grunert as Professor Henry Higgins, John Adkison as Colonel Pickering, Maeghin Mueller as Mrs. Pearce, and many more. 

My Fair Lady has been praised by critics for its brilliant storyline, captivating music, and impressive visuals. A recent revival in 2018 led by director Barlett Sher got numerous 10/10 ratings from professional critics in New York. For instance, amNY said, “The revival has been staged in Sher’s familiar style of making a classic feel fresh and dynamic without totally disregarding the original script and score.” The writer continued to complement the musical for its top-tier production. “(the musical has) superb production values, including a two-story revolving set for Higgins’ home, and bringing out layered performances from great actors.” 

Meanwhile, the Telegraph raved about the enchanting chemistry between Eliza and Professor Higgins, “What’s especially lovely (or should that be “loverly”?) is watching the tempestuous pair gradually fall in love.” The New York Stage Review totally agrees, “My Fair Lady is absobloominutely loverly, and you can quote me on that.”

The Hollywood Reporter also pointed out the slight differences from the original to the 2018 production. “The changes are minor enough to go virtually unnoticed but sufficiently considered to fuel discussion among those convinced this light period piece has problems that needed addressing.” However, the reviewer continues to complement the revival. “Beyond that, it’s a polished production with an accomplished – if not spectacular – cast.”

“Visual splendor would amount to nothing more than a momentary ‘wow!’” – The Wrap

“Everything it needs to be and quite a bit more!” – Newsday

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This fall, My Fair Lady will make its way to Salt Lake City, Utah, and deliver eight performances at the Eccles Theater. From November 12th to 18th, 2023, the iconic entertainment venue will host the top-tier Broadway hit at the Delta Performance Hall. The 2,468-seater venue is an archetype of state-of-the-art entertainment. Its ultra-modern facade and luxurious concert hall provide attendees with a great ambiance, while its top-notch sound and light technology provides a clear, crisp sound and breathtaking visuals. Last but not least, the Eccles Theater’s great customer service and excellent facilities ensure that viewers will have a fuss-free experience. 

Hurry and secure your tickets now to My Fair Lady at the Eccles Theater! Tickets to the shows from November 12th to 18th, 2023, are now available through the Get Tickets link!