Rob Gardner's Lamb of God at Eccles Theater

Rob Gardner's Lamb of God Tickets

Eccles Theater | Salt Lake City, Utah

It has always been the greatest story ever told. Yet this time, the story of the Passion of Jesus Christ, or as some call it, the Easter story will now be told on a slightly different platform — a concert film. The magic of cinema plus the emotive power of music will all come together for the compelling concert film production of Rob Gardner's "Lamb of God", to be screened at the Eccles Theater on Friday 15th April 2022. Initially released over a decade ago, Gardner recorded this oratorio about the last days of Jesus Christ with the London Symphony Orchestra and was widely performed in many theater production stages around the world. Now, it's a movie and a concert- in-one. Experience breathtaking performances from new soloists, a new orchestration, and stunning imagery, telling the greatest narrative that moves the heart, mind, and soul in the most meaningful and personal way. Book your tickets now!

Rob Gardner's Lamb of God at Eccles Theater

Rob Gardner is an American Latter-day Saint composer whose masterpieces are mostly oratorios which include "He is Jesus Christ", "Joseph Smith the Prophet", "Saints and Pioneers", and his highly acclaimed magnum opus "Lamb of God." It is a musical portrayal of the final days of the life of Jesus Christ, as foreshadowed with the raising of Lazarus from the dead, his ministry and miracles together with the apostles, to the anguish-filled night of his arrest that led to torture, affliction, suffering, and crucifixion on Mount Calvary, and finally to His glorious resurrection.

"Lamb of God" is a monumental musical treasure and tradition. Countless musicians have performed it in various stages all over the world. But as the world of the performing arts closed down due to Covid 19, Garder saw this as an opportunity to fulfill a dream to make it to a feature film.

“It seemed like, maybe this year is the right time to do it in a year when live performances are less possible, if not possible at all,” Gardner said. “It’s never the wrong time to bring people hope, and that brings people together and that talks of Christ and rejoices in Christ and so it just felt like, if we can, we will, and the challenges can be overcome.”

You may have heard this story many times over, but "Lamb of God" the concert film makes it a much more compelling experience. Don't miss it! Click 'Get Tickets right here, right now!

Rob Gardner's Lamb of God at Eccles Theater

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