Mat and Savanna Shaw at Eccles Theater

Mat and Savanna Shaw Tickets

Eccles Theater | Salt Lake City, Utah

You will receive one spectacular musical treat from two of the most charismatic duos this holiday season as Mat and Savanna Shaw bring their incredible father and daughter duets to the Eccles Theater. Join hundreds of other spectators in witnessing Mat and Savanna get the Eccles Theater into roars of loud applause this December 22. Be mesmerized by the angelic voice of Savanna, which is complemented by the texture of Mat's rich baritone. If your idea of a memorable concert experience is to be serenaded with some of your all-time favorite Christmas songs, this is the show for you. Reserve your tickets as early as today and bring the entire family to this wholesome and meaningful concert that will warm your hearts this holiday season. Click the "Get Tickets" link to order your tickets now.

Mat and Savanna Shaw at Eccles Theater

Mat and Savana Shaw is the musical duo you would not want to miss. During COVID-19 lockdowns, the two have been serenading people, gaining much traction to their delight. The New York Times said they "became a quarantine-era YouTube success story for their acoustic duets of religious-Esque songs that were pinpoint precise, verging on stern."

During the first lockdown in 2020, Savana could not rehearse with the choir she was a part of. To continue practicing, she started posting and created an Instagram account where she could put her video performances. Because she felt shy, she urged her father to join. They recorded "The Prayer" and posted it in February that year. When it was put out on Facebook, it unexpectedly went viral. The following month, they created their Youtube channel and posted there for some time. Immediately after going viral, the duo recorded their first album. The album "Picture It," with 13 songs, came out in October. It subsequently charted. In the Billboard Emerging Artists and Classical Albums, it peaked at number one. During the Christmas of that year, they released an EP, "Merry Little Christmas." In 2021, they came out with another album called "Stand By Me" and "The Joy for Christmas."

Mat and Savanna Shaw will be back at the Eccles Theatre this year. They will be bringing their fantastic music to warm people's hearts. See them live on Thursday, December 22. Get tickets now!

Mat and Savanna Shaw at Eccles Theater

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