Kurt Bestor Christmas at Eccles Theater

Kurt Bestor Christmas Tickets

George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Theater | Salt Lake City, Utah

Kurt Bestor Christmas

Feel the warmth in this holiday season by immersing yourself in the timeless and classic Christmas tunes of one of the iconic musicians of our generation. Kurt Bestor will once again enchant people of all ages as he brings his "A Kurt Bestor Christmas: Joy to the World" concert to Salt Lake City, Utah. Bring the entire family this December 15 to the George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Theater for a night filled with Christmas tunes that will uplift your spirits. Aside from witnessing Kurt Bestor perform classic carols and contemporary holiday hits, he will also sport his original soul-stirring compositions that will transport you to a winter wonderland of musical delight. As an immersive concert experience, A Kurt Bestor Christmas is not an ordinary show but a family gathering that will support the true meaning of Christmas. Sing along to songs, laugh at Bestor's witty audience banters, and find joy in the camaraderie of fellow concertgoers celebrating the most festive holiday of the year. Tickets are now on sale, and you can reserve yours here by hitting the "Get Tickets."

Kurt Bestor is everyone's favorite Christmas accompaniment in the chillest and warmest holiday season. He is behind many feature-length films that have scored delectable soundtracks over the years. He has been an Emmy award-winning composer and performer for many Yuletide ensembles and a Grammy nominee for his production and arrangement of Jenny Oaks Baker's "Wish Upon A Star" in 2012. Bestor has been part of the industry's most significant set of classical and musical composers for more than 34 years. His influence has ranged from various styles and genres for television show themes to underscore popular albums. Bestor has been an undeniable household name for over four decades; he has all the right tunes and melodies to brighten or to join one over the holiday season.

Born from a line of prodigious composers and a natural hunger for the musical avenue, Bestor sought to compose classical music at a young age. He learned the trumpet from his grandfather, famous for playing in popular mid-western bands. Encouraged by his mother, Bestor draws inspiration from popular movies featuring musical compositions and arrangements that would elicit many emotions, pushing him to dabble in his imagination and creative prowess. During his study in music, Bestor's scoring career flourished, leading to such projects as music for the National Geographic documentary on the sinking of the Andrea Doria, a second large screen film "Sedona," the feature film "The Ghosts of Dicken's Past," and the Warner Brothers film "Scarecrow," he expanded his career to include original recordings and increasingly popular concerts. With his career taking off as a music composer, his credits evolved to 40 film scores and more than 40 themes for national TV programs and commercials. His mix of live shows and commissioned works for choirs and orchestras make him one of the sought-after artists for generations to come. His iconic song of peace, "Prayer of the Children," is still sung by choirs, groups, and soloists worldwide.

Kurt Bestor, a gifted performer and a talent you have yet to fully immerse yourself in, will be playing at the Eccles Theater on the 15th of December to start kicking in the holiday feels of the month. Grab your coats and prepare those ears for another spectacular performance to come! Secure those tickets now!

Kurt Bestor Christmas at George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Theater

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