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George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Theater | Salt Lake City, Utah

Jenny Oaks Baker

The Grammy-nominated American violinist with a slew of chart-topping albums is staging the JENNY OAKS BAKER & FAMILY FOUR: Joy To The World tour trek. The acclaimed goddess of the violin and her talented children are set to share the true spirit of Christmas - a Christ-centered celebration with the power of music. The show will bring along the amazing Irish soprano Alex Sharpe and New York Times Best-selling Author Jason F. Wright. The sacred celebration is bound to share amazing faith, hope, and love through God's gift of music live on stage at Eccles Theater on Thursday, November 30th, kicking off a blessed Christmas season. Taking her soulful masterpieces dedicated to the faith in "The Redeemer" alongside holiday tracks that celebrate the Savior's coming, Jenny Oaks Baker and her amazing family are excited to perform God-centered for His children - across North America. Joy To The World, the Lord is come! Don't miss out on this chance to witness a Christ-centered holiday spectacular by booking your tickets now!

Joy to the world, the Lord is come! Jenny Oaks Baker and her talented children as "Family Four" is hitting the stage, performing a series of Christ-centered holiday shows as the Christmas season comes rushing in. The "JENNY OAKS BAKER & FAMILY FOUR: Joy To The World" tour trek will take the beloved family across 20 cities in the US and Canada, inviting every believer to come and celebrate the Savior's coming with the Lord's gift of powerful music that ignites faith, hope, and love in every heart.

Never failing to be a testament to Christ's love in every performance she delivers, America's Violinist is calling every believer to take part in a Christmas celebration that's centered on sharing His love and blessings with all of His children. With music composed by Kurt Bestor, narration by New York Times Best-selling Author Jason F. Wright, and astounding vocals by Irish soprano Alex Sharpe, it's definitely a blessed night as every string and tone leads the way.

"I am so grateful to God for His guiding hand in my life!" the artist shared with Meridian Magazine. "It has been so incredible to see God opening doors to enable us to bring The Redeemer and our Christ-centered Christmas Show to so many of His children!"

Moreover, the show will also feature interpretative dance numbers by Shelley Irish Dance and Elevè Dance Studios, and life-changing harmonies by the Davis Interfaith Choir. Together with Jenny and The Family Four, they're bound to uplift and share a blessed festive moment with your Christmas spirit.

Jenny Oaks Baker and the Family Four's newest Christmas album, "Joy to the World," proved to be a hit, debuting at #7 on the Billboard charts. Produced and arranged by Kurt Bestor, the record shares peaceful and joyful spirits through your sacred and beloved Christmas carols reimagined to put Christ at the center of it all.

Committed to her calling of using talents for God's greater purpose, the whole Baker family is looking forward to sharing a meaningful Christmas celebration with all believers. It's time to lift those spirits up and celebrate the Savior's birth through sacred music and worship at Joy To The World. Book your tickets now!

Jenny Oaks Baker at George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Theater

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