GENTRI Christmas at Eccles Theater

GENTRI Christmas Tickets

Eccles Theater | Salt Lake City, Utah

The talented a cappella trio of Gentri comes to Eccles Theater on Friday, November 25th 2022. Formed in 2014, the three Tenors are joined by a complex and award-winning composer, arranger and producer to finalize the quartet. They have toured and performed all over the United States and internationally. Known for their stunning orchestral arrangements and cinematic approach to music, their performances are truly breathtaking. So, grab your tickets now to an out of this world GENTRI Christmas!

GENTRI Christmas at Eccles Theater

Gentri are three highly trained and talented tenors, all members of their local church in Portland, Oregon, grouped together, in 2014, with an award-winning composer and producer to form Gentri – The Gentleman Trio. Each member of the group has a background of performing in musical theater.

In 2015, they produced their first album. They have now produced four albums and a popular Christmas album. Categorized as an alternative rock and rock music band. They describe their own music as “cinematic pop” is "transfused with lush, epic orchestrations and rich, dynamic three-part harmonies".

Their performances and music are demonstrative of their training and professionalism, and are worthy of the term, truly breathtaking. Although they rely heaving on religious content, their repertoire extends way beyond the religious bounds into modern and popular genres. Having performed all across the United States and internationally, almost all of Gentri’s albums have reached number 1 on the various Billboard Charts.

GENTRI Christmas at Eccles Theater

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