Chicago – The Musical at Eccles Theater

Chicago - The Musical Tickets

Eccles Theater | Salt Lake City, Utah

Are you tired of having to deal with commercials and ads to watch your favorite theatre shows online or on the TV? Then why not come down to Eccles Theater in Salt Lake City, Utah for a live theatre premiere as they host Chicago – The Musical. This one-off event comes to you soon on Thursday 8th October 2020 and provides you a night where you can experience the raw passion, limitless talent, and relentless energy of this excellent theatre. So, even if you are new to theatre events, you and your guests can come and enjoy a show that will remain with you forever. Click the Buy Tickets button below to order your tickets today. You won’t regret seeing what critics are calling the can’t-miss event of 2020.

Chicago - The Musical at Eccles Theater

If there's one thing Salt Lake City does right it is the theatre scene and big events. People from all across Utah come to Salt Lake City to enjoy it's famous theatre events. You know you are in winning hands when the Eccles Theater is hosting a big time theatre event. That's why the outstanding Chicago – The Musical event chose to be hosted by the Eccles Theater. Quite possibly the leading theatre show of the year. Chicago – The Musical is claimed by critics to be the best in theatre entertainment and based on fans at previous performances, you are in for a great time! So bring your friends, grab a ticket and crack open a beer because this October 2020 is about to get exciting!

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