Brian Regan at Eccles Theater

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Eccles Theater | Salt Lake City, Utah

We are calling all stand-up comedy fans in Salt Lake City! You better get ready because the king of clean comedy, Brian Regan, is coming to town! On Thursday, 16th March 2023, highly acclaimed stand-up comedian Brian Regan is set to light up at the Eccles Theater with his all-new material. Fans can expect sarcastic jokes, crazy facial expressions, and quirky body language as the clean comedy veteran delivers his unique brand of humor. The show at the Eccles Theater is part of Regan’s much-anticipated cross-country tour, consisting of 30 dates in North America! If you love comedy, you should hurry and secure your tickets now to see Brian Regan perform live at the Eccles Theater!

Brian Regan at Eccles Theater

Brian Regan took over the comedy world with his two back-to-back Netflix specials, Nunchucks and Flamethrowers, released in 2017, and On The Rocks, which dropped in 2021. Before his deal with Netflix, Regan released his comedy specials independently. His first special, Brian Regan: Live, was released via CD in 1997. By 2004, Regan released his first filmed comedy special, I Walked On The Moon. He followed his second comedy special with four more exemplary works that earned him a reputation as the go-to comedian for clean stand-up comedy.

Since his debut in the ‘80s, Brian Regan has always maintained a no-profanity act. His topics consist mostly of boring everyday errands, such as filing your taxes, paying bills, or shipping items with UPS. Still, he manages to approach these mundane tasks with sarcasm and humor. He’s also a master at self-deprecation – add in his signature body language and hilarious special expressions – we got a winner. Regan’s relatable humor has brought him to the mainstream scene. The friendly, neighborhood comedian who was regularly seen in local comedy clubs started making appearances in major TV shows, such as David Letterman, Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, The Late Late Show with Craig Killborn, and Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Moreover, Regan was featured on Comedy Central, Chris Rock’s Top Five, Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, and many more. In 2017, Regan joined the cast of Loudermilk. The show’s creator Peter Farrelly praised Regan for his outstanding performance as Mugsy in the dark comedy series.

If you’re keen on why fans, critics, and fellow comedians like Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Jimmy Fallon, and Bill Burr are raving about Brian Regan, then grab your tickets now! Come and see Brian Regan at the Eccles Theater on Thursday, 16th March 2023!

Brian Regan at Eccles Theater

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